Starigrad Paklenica is the starting point for the National Park Paklenica , and the proximity of Velebit allows for sports such as hiking and free climbing. Tourist accommodation in Starigrad is diverse, with apartments, rooms, guest houses and campsites. The old town is rich in archaeological and architectural monuments such as the famous villa Petra Hektorovića.

Paklenica Riviera is located in the far northwestern part of the Zadar region and in northern Dalmatia. It stretches along some 20 kilometers of the Adriatic coast, under the peaks of Velebit, the largest Croatian mountain. With Starigrad – the center of the Riviera includes the settlements of Seline, Tribanj-Kruscica, Tribanj-Šibuljina and Tribanj Mandalina. 

The whole is located in a protected natural environment because Velebit, together with the coast, protected status of Nature Park. Canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica, with surrounding forests enjoy an even greater level of protection, and in 1949 declared a national park, making Paklenica 2.najstarijim national park in Croatia (after the Plitvice Lakes).

Favorable climatic conditions in this area marks the intertwining of Mediterranean and harsh mountain climate. Therefore, in the year a large number of sunny days, the air is particularly suitable to people with respiratory problems and heart patients. The city of Zadar – center of the region is 40 kilometers, and the construction of new highways Paklenica Riviera is only a 2 hour drive from other major Croatian cities of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. 

Nearby there are 5 out of 8 Croatian national parks (Paklenica, Kornati, Krka, Plitvice Lakes, Northern Velebit) and 3 nature parks (Velebit, Telašćica, Vrana). Apart from the road, Paklenica Riviera is linked with the rest of the world by air, rail and sea.


Starigrad – Paklenica is situated almost in the center of Dalmatia at the crossing of most traffic routes. In Starigrad – Paklenica can be reached by: 

• Air – Zadar Airport Zemunik (ZAD) is well connected with all major Croatian and European cities, which is of Stari Grad Paklenica is only about half an hour! 

• By car – to Starigrad – Paklenica can be reached from several directions, and the highway A1, route Zagreb – Split, is the quickest and best of all. Exit from the motorway is best at the knot Maslenica or Posedarje, and set the main road towards Rijeka. If you are coming from the direction of Rijeka, use the Adriatic Highway – state road D-8. 

• ferry– Ancona – Zadar – if you are coming from Italy, the shortest possible route is through Ancona by ferry to Zadar. The journey lasts 8 hours (departure is usually at 22:00 and arrival at 06:00), and the advantage of such a trip is it is much more pleasant and less stressful than other methods of transportation. When you get to Zadar, you are only an hour’s drive from Starigrad Paklenica! 

• By train – Zagreb – Knin – Zadar 

• By bus – Zadar is the center of northern Dalmatia and is well connected with all Croatian cities and larger European centers. From Zadar to Stari Grad Paklenica, it is only an hour’s drive.